Oh ... *now* you tell me!
Submitted by MaeveEnRoute on Mon, 12/27/2004 - 1:20am. Beautiful
Woman to waiter: Is there something going on tonight?
Waiter to woman: I think there's going to be a DJ here later.
Woman to waiter: Oh, do you know who?
Waiter to woman: [missed this]
Woman to waiter: Cool - when does he get here?
Waiter to woman: (pause) I'm sorry, ma'am, I don't speak English. (turns abruptly, walks away)
For Steff :c)
Submitted by MaeveEnRoute on Wed, 12/22/2004 - 7:53pm. Beautiful
"I love linguistics gatherings. Normally, people talk about beer, sports, and women. Here, you've got people talking in Portuguese about pro-drop languages. So cool."

-overheard at reception for linguistics conference; Ann Arbor, MI
Orange juice and the subjunctive mood
Submitted by MaeveEnRoute on Mon, 12/20/2004 - 5:33am. Beautiful
"[My TA] brings orange juice to section; otherwise I'd wish he was dead."
- Harvard student

"Put down 'were' so I don't look stupid."
- same Harvard student, upon noticing that I was writing down her quote
Submitted by Intelligirly on Wed, 12/15/2004 - 8:37am. Beautiful
Ahh, bliss. Today is my birthday. I'm younger than Steff, but older than...hmmm..who am I older than on here? Eve!! I'm older than Eve.

I love my birthday! Also the birthday of Beethoven, Jane Austen and the Boston Tea Party.

I'd like snow, please!

This doesn't fit, but I just wanted to throw it in somewhere. I'm overhearing myself, does that count?
The hills are alive
Submitted by Larry Hosken on Sat, 12/11/2004 - 7:47pm. Beautiful
"That would have been much easier without that beer."
--unsteady mountain biker, Mt Victoria lookout point, Wellington NZ
Ah, Caitlin!
Submitted by Sephiroths_Slave on Tue, 12/07/2004 - 5:57pm. Beautiful
Me: "Okay, but I'm going to need directions to your house if I'm going to pick you up..."
Caitlin: Well, I'm not very good at giving directions... OH! Danny's here.... You could just ask him for the directions... He's been over my house dozens of times. Besides, he told me where I live."
(I start laughing uncontrollably)
Caitlin: Whats so funny?
Me: " WOW!!!!"
Haha! =D
Submitted by t0rri3 on Fri, 12/03/2004 - 5:59pm. Beautiful
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Those are me and my friends.
Left to Right:La,Ian,Me,Iña.
In Country
Submitted by wes on Wed, 11/24/2004 - 3:26am. Beautiful
"All foreigners are whores"

-- Wise words from wouter, 2am, standing outside The Cornerhouse in Cape Town.
October 29, 2004
Submitted by PurpleCow on Fri, 10/29/2004 - 7:38pm. Beautiful
"Did you hear about Christopher Reeves?"
"Yeah, he died."
"What'd he die of?"
"Stem cells."
"Oh... I thought he died of a heart attack."
"The stem cells caused the heart attack."
~Two of my brother's friends, debating this moments ago in my living room.
Angry professor
Submitted by dftsmile on Tue, 10/26/2004 - 12:46pm. Beautiful
"adam, if you don't stop asking stupid questions, i'm going to get my gun out and shoot you."

-a frustrated dr. smirniotis during reactions class