16 August 2000
Submitted by eve on Thu, 08/24/2000 - 12:11pm. Funny
"You should call Alice and request Urine Notion."
"You know... 'cause the CD's not out yet, but the radio stations have the single."
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"Alice... KLLC, the radio station. Ask them to play Urine Notion, you said like yesterday you wanted to hear it... you know, the new single by Fastball..."
"YOU'RE AN OCEAN! You mean the song You're an Ocean!"
"Yeah, ok... I guess the lyrics make more sense now... I always thought it was just kinky."
--Two girls overheard at a cafe
15 August 2000
Submitted by eve on Thu, 08/17/2000 - 1:42pm. Funny
"If that cat is named Sandy Claws, I'm going to be ill."
--A woman who didn't seem to think the magazine picture of a cat wearing jingle bells was cute
14 August 2000
Submitted by eve on Thu, 08/17/2000 - 1:38pm. Funny
"I'll bet 'Move to Cotati, learn what manure smells like' isn't an official motto."
"Yeah, but 'Move to Marin, learn what money smells like' is."
--Two guys

...And really, I think that says a lot.
13 August 2000
Submitted by eve on Thu, 08/17/2000 - 1:34pm. Funny
"Perhaps you don't understand me. I'm not from this area. I don't know anyone in this restaurant, so I'm not really afraid to make a scene."
--An apparently unsatisfied customer at an italian place
12 August 2000
Submitted by eve on Sun, 08/13/2000 - 10:58pm. Funny
"So I'm at the gym, and this guy keeps giving me the eye, and at first I was looking back 'cause hey, he's blond and buff, but then it was kinda weirdo, you know, when he just... kept... looking. After like half an hour I got off the stairmaster, and he comes up to me and says 'Hi, I'm from Germany. Would you like to welcome me to America at your place tonight?'"
"Whoa, I've heard euro guys are forward. What'd you say??"
"I said, 'Um, wecome to NO."
--Two girls in an elevator in Evans Hall
11 August 2000
Submitted by eve on Sun, 08/13/2000 - 10:57pm. Funny
"There is so totally a pint at Raleigh's with my name on it once this is over."
--Girl sitting behind me as the Stat final was handed out
"Look at that last page... better make that a pitcher."
--Girl #2
8 August 2000
Submitted by eve on Tue, 08/08/2000 - 7:50pm. Funny
"Can I tell you how much you DON'T want to spend $3.89 on this? Go, find something else, consider yourself lucky I was here."
--Video store clerk, to a customer attempting to rent the movie "The Avengers."
Wouldn't it be nice if they posted someone like that outside the theatre when movies like "Three To Tango" were playing?
10 June 2000
Submitted by eve on Sun, 06/11/2000 - 10:29pm. Funny
"Baby, I want you to know how much I'm changing for you. Three months ago I would have considered beating that guy up to get his t-shirt, 'cause they're my favorite band and you can only get the shirts at the concerts. But now I don't, 'cause I know how you feel about fighting. So don't think I don't care."
--Overheard downtown, teenage guy to his girlfriend after a guy in a t-shirt walked by.

Now that's love.
Decide for yourselves whether it demonstrates love for his girl or love for the band.
6 June 2000
Submitted by eve on Fri, 06/09/2000 - 11:30am. Funny
"It's not the real world! It's a mansion in New Orleans! And it would be so much more interesting if they were living in a VW van in Compton. And then the name would be truthful, too."
--One guy to another, in a cafe
Interesting enough idea, but SEVEN people?
The line "Uncomfortable... like in the back seat of a Volkswagon?" keeps coming to mind. (Cool points to those who catch the reference)
2 June 2000
Submitted by eve on Fri, 06/09/2000 - 11:07am. Funny
"I really wish you would STOP saying that word that you keep saying."
--Man, to his female companion outside the movie theatre
"I wonder if he's talking about 'hella?'"
--A friend, musing as we passed by