19 July 2004
Submitted by eve on Mon, 07/19/2004 - 1:15am. Funny
"No self respecting super hero would wear open toed shoes."
--A guy on AC Transit
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Fess up...
Posted by Monk on Mon, 10/11/2004 - 8:25am.
we know this is you, Paul.

Posted by paul on Mon, 10/11/2004 - 5:18pm.
My secret identity has been revealed!
So what kind of superhero
Posted by paul on Fri, 10/08/2004 - 10:47pm.
do you think this guy is trying to be?...
Posted by Matt on Sat, 10/09/2004 - 2:09am.
The kind who has sex with other men for money.
Posted by paul on Sat, 10/09/2004 - 5:13am.
That one would be over here.
Posted by Kris the Girl on Sat, 10/09/2004 - 6:08am.
That picture is so unsettling.
I found that one
Posted by paul on Sat, 10/09/2004 - 4:22pm.
through the LiveJournal random image grabber. I've seen other pictures of that person in dresses, and am still not 100% certain of the gender. But either way, it mings.
Posted by Monk on Tue, 09/28/2004 - 6:59am.
I wasn't offering - but it's nice to see your having a high self-esteem day. :)

and I love homonyms!!

You're not your...
Posted by ParU on Mon, 10/04/2004 - 5:06pm.
Wouldst thou mean you're instead of your? (You're being the contraction of "you are" while "your" is possesive). / end MG rant
It's Amino world without Chemists
When you pick them and put them in bushel baskets, yes.
Posted by Intelligirly on Mon, 09/27/2004 - 5:12pm.
Stalking would hardly be appropriate. Then he would have to know who I am. Can't have that.

To clarify, I meant I would buy MYSELF flowers or something. Wasn't hinting for handouts, sorry.

I love Mike!
Superheroes & Anonymity
Posted by Mike on Thu, 09/30/2004 - 9:53am.
Anonymity is really important for superheroes. If they didn't have alter-egos then they would remain forever divorced from the humanity they constantly defend. With a secret identity they get to double dip as both protectors of society and beneficiaries of their own good deeds. If everyone knew who they "really" were, however, they'd get nothing but 24 hour a day fanboys, sycophants, and supervillain attacks until they're driven entirely out of the very society they uphold. That's when they go crazy and become villains themselves (or at least anti-heroes).

Of course, sometimes even secret identities don't help.

Y'know, if we were really snooping we could try [potentially workable stalker technique deleted] Err, nothing, nothing!

Congratulations! Again!
Posted by Matt on Thu, 09/30/2004 - 10:36am.
Okay, I'm gonna get a little ranty about that Hulk Library page. Ignoring the fact that Hulk did indeed wear bunny slippers (not "bunny sleepers," as the page said), the webmaster seems to only have read the last 10 years worth of Hulk comics. The Hulk was not initially gray, as he claims, he turned gray and got weaker for a while, during which time he worked as a bouncer for a hot nightclub. This is when he went from dumb to hyper-intelligent.

Yeesh. I can't believe I'm 28--I mean 29--and I just geeked out on Hulk History.

I'm going to go shoot myself now.
Oh yeah, the Mr. Fixit phase.
Posted by Mike on Tue, 10/05/2004 - 10:32am.
Although I'm not sure he was hyper-intelligent just then, but still a lot smarter than the green "HULK SMASH!" version. And isn't that where he met Marlo?

Um... hey, lookit this! </distraction link>
Posted by Matt on Tue, 10/05/2004 - 8:12pm.
Nice, Mike. But after the second page, I just couldn't take it anymore.
I'm not a hulk fan really
Posted by hypoxic on Thu, 09/30/2004 - 11:16am.
but according to this website Hulk #1 the hulk was gray. I've never seen Hulk #1 so I can't verify if this is true or not.
Hard to tell
Posted by Jon on Fri, 10/01/2004 - 6:42am.
Unless you can find a more definitive reference (a statement by Stan Lee, for instance), you're going to have an expensive time finding a copy of Hulk #1.

The superhero anonymity issue has been handled pretty well in several comics. Off the top of my head, I'd point to examples in: Superman Batman Spiderman X-Men

The 2nd Spiderman movie, in my opinion, handled it in a respectful way in that elevated train scene. [End of geek]
Posted by hypoxic on Fri, 10/01/2004 - 11:01am.
Like I said I'm not really a Hulk fan so much, I was just looking at the site and it purports to have a statement from Stan Lee that the Hulk was grey first but that the printers screwed up the ink so badly he changed it to green. I have no idea if that is true.
Posted by Apple on Mon, 09/27/2004 - 7:31pm.
Hee. You have tooth decay, too?? *G* Just kiddin'!

Congrats! Well deserved! They should give you more! Like a paid vacation or something. *G* I ask too much, no?

I'd send you flowers but FTD doesn't like bouncy checks any more than any other business. Sorry.

Can one cyber-stalk?? Hmmm. Must consider. *G*
Cyber truly
Posted by Jon on Mon, 09/27/2004 - 7:34pm.
Well, as cyber-stalker, I can aver that it is so... whether I excel at it is a matter of opinion.
Posted by Jon on Mon, 09/27/2004 - 7:29pm.
Your preloaded stalker could get ideas from this... ;)
Posted by Intelligirly on Mon, 09/27/2004 - 1:52pm.
Well, my dear, I'm sure they won't be as lovely as the ones received from a certain Hawaiian shirt wearing someone, but they would show my co=workers that someone cared. Which is cool. As I've gotten nothing from them but a picture we put in the paper because my editor won too. The girl who won the inhouse vote of which cover to use on a visitors guide (which they were all required to enter) we put out got a party and a hundred dollar gift certificate and her cover framed. I got my picture standing behind my editor.

So flowers? Would be a thumbed nose at my workplace. I would send bushels and bushels of them to myself from different names if I could but I'm poor. :)

And you know Mike. Mike of Mike fame. On here. He who posts most and amusingly. Alas it is an unrequited love. C'est la vie.

I love Mike!
Flowers come in bushels?
Posted by Monk on Mon, 09/27/2004 - 3:20pm.
well that certainly seems less than fair. Perhaps you should stalk him!

I'm no superman...
Posted by Intelligirly on Mon, 09/27/2004 - 1:42pm.
But I did recently attend the Associated Press awards ceremony I alluded to earlier in this thread.

I got a third in one category and a first place in another. I got a plaque and a certificate. I GOT A PLAQUE!!!

*shyly* Steff said I should post this because people would be wondering. Not a green participant ribbon in sight.

It's a cause for celebration, but I don't know how to do it. Maybe I'll send myself flowers or a teddy bear or something.
Of course, I already have a shiny award plaque for first place that has my name on it, so maybe I should content myself with that. :)

I love Mike!
Posted by Monk on Mon, 09/27/2004 - 1:44pm.
Sending flowers....how quaint. So i've been away - who's Mike?

Yes, Sean Bean
Posted by Intelligirly on Wed, 09/22/2004 - 6:57am.
Also known before the Lord of the Rings trilogy as the antagonist Alec in the first Pierce Brosnan James Bond movie, and in many lesser known but equally good viewing opportunities. Oh, and Patriot Games. He's just...enjoyable.

I like him very much indeed. I do not, however, think Paul looks much like him. No offense to you. And based on the very few pictures I've seen of you.

I love Mike!
No offense taken.
Posted by paul on Wed, 09/22/2004 - 10:47am.
Other than being the same height and the same coloring, I don't really see it either, but that's okay. In this regard my opinion is unimportant, as long as she's happy...
Posted by Saint on Wed, 09/22/2004 - 8:46pm.
It's either the beard, or the glimmer of unshed tears in your eyes when you make speeches. If you have allergies, that could explain it, right there.
Sharpe as a tack
Posted by Jon on Wed, 09/22/2004 - 7:01am.
Don't forget he was in the miniseries adaptation of the "Sharpe's Rifles" series. That was my first notice of him as an actor.
Posted by Intelligirly on Thu, 09/16/2004 - 9:04am.
Dreams can come true...they can happen to you...if you wait long enough...

I just spoke to Mark Tauschek!!! On the phone! I now have his cell phone number which I am strongly tempted to abuse, but won't.

This should mean nothing to any of you unless you happen to live in Iowa and watched Channel 13 news. He used to be an anchor on there, then for some hush-hush but causing a lot of tension reason, there were shifts in staff and now he's bumped to the occasional human interest story. And he contacted me for a story I recently wrote. Sure, he just wanted the subject's number but good golly, he knows my name!! *laughs hysterically*

I'm never going to meet a celebrity, but I just came close and the man is positively yummy. And I don't usually go for blondes.

I'll stop babbling about my no-longer-secret media crush now. All I need to complete the sweep is for Bill Hemmer to contact me and I can die happy...well, maybe not die. But be far more giddy than this even. So perhaps that's not a good thing.

Thank you for listening. I apologize for the extremely off-topic nature of this post. Please go back to your regularly scheduled surfing.

I love Mike..er...Mark!!
Posted by Apple on Thu, 09/16/2004 - 4:21pm.
When I first moved to Southern Illinois, I had a crush on the local sports guy. Then, when my nephew started school, the sports guy had a daughter in his class. Made for a very interesting school picnic, what with me (and several other single volunteer ladies) drooling over him quite shamelessly. Ah, the memories. I shall never forget you, Mr French poultry for a last name sports guy! *G*

The only other celebrities I've met all died violent deaths, albeit months, er, years after the encounters. Well, except Sinbad, but does he really count?? Hmm, maybe celebrities should stay far away from me. *G*
Posted by ParU on Thu, 09/16/2004 - 9:42pm.
AppleMan know about this?
It's Amino world without Chemists
Posted by Apple on Fri, 09/17/2004 - 8:58am.
Yes, yes he does. It was long before marriage was proposed. :^P

And Canard (only spelled more phonetically) was the one of which I was speaking. *G*

And, to respond to the response to another post, "You're just doing this on purpose now, aren't you?"
Posted by ParU on Mon, 09/20/2004 - 9:49pm.
So is having a fantasy about a famous person OK when you're in a relationship? And should you tell your person about it? Why or why not?
It's Amino world without Chemists
Posted by daen on Tue, 09/21/2004 - 8:06pm.
If the only way I could handle being in the current relationship is by fantasizing about someone else, that would be a bad thing.

However, I have always believed that one can admire the scenery without having any wish to buy the real estate.
Posted by paul on Tue, 09/21/2004 - 2:16pm.
Fantasies are what they are. Is it immoral to have dreams of winning the lottery while at work? Is it wrong to fantasize about driving a Lamborghini when you're behind the wheel of your minivan? Then why would it be wrong to fantasize about someone who lives far from you, travels in completely different circles than you do, and would be virtually impossible to meet, let alone develop a relationship with that might culminate in sex?

If my girlfriend wants to dream of Sean Bean or John Corbett, that's absolutely fine with me. I really don't care, because ultimately it's my bed she shares, so therefore she's apparently satisfied with arrangements as they are, and sees me as comparable. I can live with that. *gryn*
Posted by Intelligirly on Tue, 09/21/2004 - 6:53pm.
mmm....Sean Bean.

I love Mike!
Posted by Matt on Tue, 09/21/2004 - 10:02pm.
Wait a sec. Sean. Bean?

Wow. I guess there really is someone for everyone.
Posted by Kris the Girl on Wed, 09/22/2004 - 9:07am.
When I was little, I thought "sean" should be pronounced "Seen." I even convinced myself this was a name of actual people.
Yes, Sean Bean.
Posted by paul on Wed, 09/22/2004 - 1:35am.
Also known as Boromir. I know a number of women who have a serious pash for him. (Yeah, I know, antiquated slang, but it somehow fits.)

My girlfriend claims I resemble him a lot.
Sean Bean
Posted by Apple on Wed, 09/22/2004 - 5:19pm.
Two words, Paul. Jason Bateman.

Just sayin'.

Other than that, I don't really have a "thing" for Mr. Bean. (Ha! Just realized that when I typed it!) He's nice to look at, but give me a scruffy Viggo any day. *G* Scruffy, I say! None of that "Hidalgo" or "28 Days" nonsense! :^P
Woo! Fantasies!
Posted by Desert Fox on Thu, 09/23/2004 - 11:32pm.
Oh, sure, start a cool discussion while I'm gone, why don'tcha?

I recently shocked a few co-workers by admitted to having a "serious pash" for Danny Elfman. Hey, what can I say? He's my kinda guy. The one time I saw him in concert (Oingo Boingo's Farewell Tour -- typical of my timing), I was in the 5th row and got to see the lizard tattoos on his legs up-close and personal. Mmm....hopeless and therefore innocent crushes.

"Life is too short for grief. Or regret. Or bullshit." -- Edward Abbey, Vox Clamantis in Deserto
Oingo Boingo
Posted by Somnambulist on Mon, 05/16/2005 - 4:23pm.
I missed seeing the farewell tour in Las Vegas by 1 day. I still wish that I had ditched my parents to see the concert, especially after I heard the album.
Posted by Saint on Tue, 09/21/2004 - 10:15am.
My wife is bisexual and doesn't have much of an internal editor, so I've got to hear about a wide variety of celebrity crushes. At first, I must admit, it did bother me--"You're madly attracted to Angelina Jolie, Lucy Lawless, Orlando Bloom...and me? Yeah, right." Eventually I got over it. After all, I'm still the one she's with. And my dad is apparently okay with the fact my mom would run off with Kevin Bacon if he ever asked, and their marriage remains strong after 30+ years.
1.5 cents
Posted by Jon on Tue, 09/21/2004 - 8:25am.
Good question. My feeling is that if you need to keep some secrets personal to stay sane, and the other person can do likewise (no one-way street territories), that's OK.
On the other back-hoe operator, if you can share these fantasies while keeping a good sense of humor about it, that could work too.

Your Froot Bats May Vary
Posted by Matt on Tue, 09/21/2004 - 12:09am.
Fantasies are always okay, even the illegal ones. Emphasis on that keyword, fantasy. Whether or not one tells one's significant other is less a matter of trust and more a matter of the general makeup of the relationship: the various and sundry building blocks upon which the relationship stands. Every relationship has different ones and some are more stable than others.
Posted by miss liss on Tue, 09/21/2004 - 7:37am.
When you're in a good and secure relationship, you understand that noticing other, attractive people is not a personal slap in the face. (Although you probably should be a little more discreet about it! *g*)

"I get married, and what? All of a sudden, Brad Pitt's supposed to be ugly??" :-)

Reminds me of a funny incident - a couple of years ago, my husband told me about a dream he had, involving Katie Couric, naked in a hot tub (he says he couldn't remember details. Yeah, whatever.). We both had a good laugh over it. I said as long as any actual nakedness in hot tubs only involved me, then everything would be fine!

On a totally unrelated note - I have jury duty this afternoon. In Houston. Where they're picking jurors for one of the Enron trials. (Maybe if I start talking about hot tub fantasies, they'll think I'm a little off and won't pick me!?)
Established crushes
Posted by Desert Fox on Thu, 09/23/2004 - 11:48pm.
This, in turn, reminds me of a somewhat random memory from a visit with my family several years ago. My mom and I were channel-surfing, and we came across something with Jamie Lee Curtis. My mom yelled to my dad, who was off in another room, "Honey! Your girlfriend is on TV!"

My dad yelled back, "Farrah?!?"

My mom replied, "No! Jamie!"

I love that no matter how old I get, my parents continue to teach me things. :D

"Life is too short for grief. Or regret. Or bullshit." -- Edward Abbey, Vox Clamantis in Deserto
Jury duty...
Posted by ParU on Tue, 09/21/2004 - 6:49pm.
Just remember the 'I was only following orders' defense didn't work at Nuremburg and shouldn't work for Enron either. Fry them all...
It's Amino world without Chemists
I'd like to...
Posted by miss liss on Mon, 09/27/2004 - 2:16pm.
I'd like to, but unfortunately we can't. But, believe it or not, I did get put on a jury for one of the Enron trials!! Not one of the newsmaking ones, this one is just a boring civil contract dispute involving one of the many sub-companies that has nothing to do with the bankruptcy/fraud or anything interesting, so all we can do is award money either to a company who didn't know how to manage it when they had it, or one who will never see any because everyone's bankrupt anyway. *sigh* (At least they still pay me at work.) The trial is still going on - we just got a reprieve today because of witness scheduling issues - I have to be back tomorrow.
Posted by hypoxic on Fri, 09/17/2004 - 12:41pm.
No brains today!
Here's the movie.Yes it is work safe.

Ah yes when will they ever release that on DVD?
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