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Submitted by mizzeghan on Sun, 06/11/2006 - 1:46am. Beautiful
\"i\'m a robot.\"
\"let me access your mainframe. that means you get naked and i fondle you.\" -justin

\"you\'re special. but not the special kind of special, more like the special kind... of special. kill me.\" -justin

\"i\'m gonna send you gay in the mail and you\'re gonna open it and be like \"FUCK, I GOT GAY\" \" -natalie

\"you\'re so heavy!\" -wes
\"...i have a big heart.\" -paul

\"you\'re 20? why don\'t you go do some taxes or buy a washing machine or something.\" -jake

\"hey TRA-VAS, want to engage in some mutual masturbation AT THE OP-ER-A???\" -julie mcquary

\"WWVD: what would vagina do? OR, what would venereal disease?\" -kim

\"does \"clitoris\" roll off the tongue?\" -julia

\"did you know you weren\'t supposed to put aluminum in the microwave?\"
\"WHERE WAS I when we learned this?\" -sarah

\"why are buildings called buildings? shouldn\'t they just be called... \"builts\"?\" -me to sarah
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