Okay, I'll do that.
Submitted by Saint on Tue, 12/20/2005 - 1:59am. Bizarre
"Stop licking my brain!"

--a little boy (four years old, maybe, or five) shouting/sobbing at his mom in the Olive Garden in Grand Junction, CO. His mother seemed to be unperturbed by the outburst.

I'm posting this not just because it's strange, and funny, but so that I can make a comment on Olive Garden. "When you're here, you're family" the commercials say. When's the last time Grandma charged you $12 to eat underdone breadsticks and overcooked noodles? Sheesh. It's just like the Awesome Apple Pies we sell at Wal-Mart, that claim right on the packaging that they're just like Grandma's. Sure, if Grandma was a lousy cook and did her shopping at Wal-Mart, they're probably pretty close.

Also wanted to post a reminder for myself that March 10 is inappropriate link day. Sure, it's three months away, but it's never too early to start preparing.

[edit] *throws up hands in defeat* Okay, IP, I get the hint, I won't bother posting anymore. Christ on a stick. Finally get some posts on the site, and they all get buried under page after page of old stuff. Normally, I don't mind the site amusing itself kicking out old stuff, it's fun to look back and see the classics. But making it impossible for people to find the new stuff is not cool. Alright, so nobody is missing much on my posts, but other people's stuff got buried, too.
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A little late, but
Posted by Saint on Mon, 04/17/2006 - 10:03pm.
I hope everybody had a rather good Easter.

--I am powerless over my addiction to parenthesis.--
I forgot Inappropriate Link Day. :(
Posted by Saint on Wed, 03/22/2006 - 10:30am.
So I now declare this to be Inappropriate Link Catch-Up Day.

First off, a sexy zombie carwash. Second, T2 recut. And finally, Jesus Christ, the Musical.

That last one is not work-safe, mostly due to the ads around it. The others ought to be okay, but they're all videos and require sound to enjoy. And...here's the lyrics for Fashion Freak, since they're sort of hard to make out (at least to me):

Cutting edge
above eyelashes
lungs by Audrey Ang
at the cross left
fringed liver by
Alexander McQueen

Valentino sharpens up
soft pastels with these
slim silk genitals
shaped along sporty lines

Minimalism can still produce surprises
here Karl Lagerfeld adds
a discrete flash on skin
to Chanel's floorsweeping draped entrails
Don't forget taking your skin off
because pink works
it's sophisticated and sexy
stands out as springs
hottest colour

From behind the close up organs
From behind the close up organs

Watch out here they come
make them happen

--I am powerless over my addiction to parenthesis.--
The missing links
Posted by Jon on Thu, 03/23/2006 - 12:58pm.
I'm glad you shared those, Saint. I just watched the first 2, and they put 2 different smiles on my face. *g*

I suppose that I have to be the exception that proves the rule, but I browsed through a whole old thread earlier today, just to find out when steff's bday is. Go figure.

- My mind is in the gutter, but it keeps out the bad weather.
Posted by copperhead on Tue, 12/05/2006 - 6:38am.
looks to be 03/27. march became porn link month on her birthday in this thread. not a stalker, i feel i should point out. i just happened to run across the thread in the back pages.

i went to war for my country and all i got was this lousy stump.
Posted by Saint on Thu, 03/23/2006 - 11:06pm.
Let me revise then: apparently, some of the IP regulars (myself included, as well as you, steff, Mike, and jcharles, but I dunno about anybody else) do browse the back pages (when IP lets us), we just usually don't post. I'm glad someone got to see and enjoy the links, anyhow. :D And if I succeed in getting Fashion Freak stuck in someone else's head, I'll consider my work here to be done.

By the way, I also browsed the other thread, and unless I missed it, all I came up with is that steff's b-day must be the 27th?

--I am powerless over my addiction to parenthesis.--
Post avalanche
Posted by Mike on Tue, 12/20/2005 - 11:18am.
Maybe instead of "family" they mean, you know, "Family." Mmm, dinner and protection money.

Sorry. The Godfather part II was on a few days back.

March 10? I thought we had the whole month! We'll never get all the links in.

Oh, and did she stop licking his brain or not? It's bad enough when they try to use spit to clean the outside of your skull.
Memory lane
Posted by Saint on Tue, 12/20/2005 - 2:51pm.
When I looked, she didn't have her mouth anywhere near him. Maybe it was some kind of psychic vampire thing.

All of March is porn month, March 10 is just inappropriate link day. Not necessarily dirty so much as disturbing. Remember when Joe Napalm carelessly taught Lisa 2 how to make links, and she linked all the mind-searing Mr Winkle photos? That was March 10, and the day was declared. (...I know, because I declared it.)

-Can't stop, the weasels are closing in!
As i suspected.
Posted by steff on Tue, 12/20/2005 - 4:21pm.
i keep trying to tell that efreeti that it's ALL his fault... now i have backup. hehehehe.

and i always trudge through the recent posts, i'd have seen this one. as it was, you and mike bumped it back to the top.
Well, sure
Posted by Saint on Wed, 12/21/2005 - 12:47am.
You might have seen it. But how many people (even IP's old regulars) are gonna go five or six pages into recent posts to see if there's really been a recent post, or if the site is just screwing with them? But the worst of it is, now I'm going to have to hunt for the dream thread when I want to post one, meaning I probably won't be able to remember any dreams by the time I find it anyway. *sob* This is a huge loss for y'all, you'll just have to trust me.

-Can't stop, the weasels are closing in!
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